Monday, July 6, 2020

Adonko Bitters unveils Victor AD, Teddy A, Jim Ike Ini Edo, and other Nigerian A-List celebrities as Brand Ambassadors

Adonko Bitters; the raving alcoholic herbal drink brand are up to something very special.

Adonko Bitters has unveiled top big names and influencers as brand diplomats. The official marking which occurred at The Oriental Hotel, in Lekki on Thursday thirteenth February 2020, is an effective move to keep up the connection with key objective crowd and as pioneer in the natural drinks industry, it makes a faultless perceivability across board.

The brand ambassadors revealing was facilitated by Ghanaian – Actress, Tv and Radio Host Selly Gelly. Speaking to Adonko Bitters Limited were, Head of International Marketing Adonko BittersVincent Opare, Mr Ernest GyamfiHead of Sales, just as Ernest Brobbey Country Manager Nigeria Adonko Bitters.

The decision of these diplomats is an offered to make a steady association between the client and the brand. They have demonstrated throughout the years to have an unmistakable association with various classifications of the intended interest group. To this end, they will separately speak to the brand at various levels and keep up incredible associations with key crowds. This will additionally make more nearness for the brand among key buyers in the market.

Speaking at the event, the Head of International Marketing  Vincent Opare  stated that “We are very excited to reach out to our core target audience through these amazing talents; it is a partnership that will be impactful, seeing that these ones have had excellent results in their different fields and the passion they put in their careers. One of the things we stand for as a brand is to create a bond with our customers and this I believe is one of the ways to do that. Adonko Bitters is well taken in the Nigerian market and I believe with these new development, we are on the right track to creating amazing experiences with our partners, and consumers”

Adonko Bitters has been a major player in the herbal beverages sector, with its unique blend of herbal mixtures and alcohol. Consumers have been raving about the health benefits of Adonko bitters to the body with personal testimonials. Consumers who are already familiar with the brand said they drink Adonko bitters because for a variety of reasons including being anti-malaria, libido boosting, and helping ease of menstrual cramps amongst many others. The brand has thrived through the market on this unique identity and the customers have created a relationship with the drink and its taste. Having created a huge impact in Ghana before launching in Nigeria, Adonko Bitters has consistently created an experience that puts utmost satisfaction on the consumers’ faces.

The Adonko Story

Agya Adonko: The Master Mixologist, Agya Adonko, readies the best natural mixed drink you have come to know as Adonko Bitters. As a youthful cultivator during the 70s selling herbs in the city of Kumasi, Accra and the nation over, his natural practice tried to help individuals with a few infirmities and illnesses for a considerable length of time.

However, he had consistently been keen on saving such home grown creations as mixed refreshments. Hence, given the chance, Agya Adonko mixes eleven unique kinds of herbs cautiously handpicked from profound inside huge numbers of Ghana’s virgin rainforests. He likewise thought of the name Adonko to commend the extraordinary advantages of Adonko Bitters.

From 2015, Agya Adonko has been mixing a definitive alcoholic natural refreshment in Ghana to incredible audits from over the West African sub-locale. Adonko Bitters is accessible worldwide in Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and has been confirmed in Germany. The variations, Adonko Alcoholic Bitters, Adonko Tigernut and Ginger Spirit drink, Adonko 123 Alcoholic Bitters, and Adonko Prekese Alcoholic Bitters are currently accessible in Nigeria , dispersed only by EKULO International Company.

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