Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cardi B’s Sister Hennessy Carolina Puts Cheeky Backside Selfie On Instagram (Photo)

Cardi B’s Sister Hennessy Carolina Puts Cheeky Backside Selfie On Instagram (Photo):

Cardi B‘s 24-year-old sister is cracking up, no ifs, ands, or butts. The fun-loving influencer showed her millions of fans what she’s working with on Instagram, Wednesday night.

The 5ft 1in star wore a chic long sleeve shirt and let her long, dark hair fall down far below her waist in her rear view mirror selfie. Usually, butt hair has a negative connotation but not in this case.

Hennessy Carolina

We have no idea what the writing on her shirt says but we are buying whatever she is selling! Her fans also seemed enthralled by the racy pic and tried to holler at her in the comments of her post.

“Long hair don’t care,” one follower commented before another replied, “ninja you ain’t looking at her hair. Stop it 😂.”

“I love you baby 😍,” an obsessed fan wrote, while a fourth fan said, “Bring that s— to Philly.”

Let us remind you that Hennessy knows how to make it move and threw her name into the hat for the best twerker in the game in February. She wore a matching set of pajamas that hugged her dangerous curves and left very little to the imagination.

“It’s been a while since I’ve Twerk #HitItFromTheback 😝🍑,” she captioned the graphic but awesome video.

Hennessy used the #HitItFromTheback to point out the rhymic reggaeton song she was dancing to which is appropriately titled, “Hit It From The Back” by DJ Nelson.

We knew that she loves to have long hair (not sure if it’s all really hers) but she was recently rocking long braids. You know what they say… hair today, gone tomorrow.

“This Sound like Henny with the braids 😜,” she captioned a photo in some skintight leather pants. Her Jordans were pretty sick too.

She tried to act like we couldn’t see what she was up to with her camouflage top but we can recognize a thirst trap anywhere.

Carolina Hennesy

A few hours before she got cheeky, Henny shared a memory when the world had sports. She posted a video of her girlfriend and herself watching soccer last year and we totally feel her pain now that there’s nothing to watch.

“Watching soccer with babe last summer… Is it that time again ? How ya feel having no sports?” she asked her followers.

One aggressive fan wrote, “Going crazy not rooting for my basketball team.” We get it… but at least she is keeping us entertained.

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